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fastWP is our 2nd project with the geodirectory plugin and it is a further development of our project onfoxx.
It is a platform for german wordpress agencies and freelancers.

fastWP is built with geodirectory 2 and a lot of additional functions have been added. We integrated our own search filters like keyword search or the hourly rate search.
We also added a kind of lead system with dynamic content that asks visitors for special offers.

We also modified the process of registration and add listing. In example users are asked to add a listing or upgrade existing listings to a paid one.
Last but not least, fastWP is highly optimized for pagespeed. Although it is a very huge platform with a lot of modifications and plugins it loads very fast.

All in all I have to say that geodirectory is a great plugin. In the past we also worked with different prebuilt directory solutions – my honest opinion – don’t touch it – you won’t be happy with it.

3 thoughts on “fastWP

  1. amazing design and in my eyes it Show the “power” of geodirctory Plugin!

  2. Wow, great website. What theme did you use as a basis?

    1. Hi danbrent, its not a prebuilt theme, its built from scratch.

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