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Are you hosting your bbPress powered support forum within your main install?

That’s going to slow down your money website.

In similar cases, it’s really a good idea to move bbPress into its own website.

Why should I Move bbPress?

The main reason is that you are loading a lot of extra resources on your main website that could be loaded in a sub-domain website or better in sub-directory website.

Until few days ago our support forum was running in the /support/ page of the website slowing down everything.

Now it is running in the home page of the website keeping the exact same URLs.

The 1st website is no longer loading all bbPress resources and that made it much faster and optimized.

Same happens to the support website, it is almost ONLY loading bbPress resources and that made it faster too.

Moving bbPress is not easy

Making such move until today was close to a nightmare, especially if the forum is quite big like our is.

Doing it via the WordPress default import / export tools was close to impossible.

For this reason we decided to build a dedicated plugin that would automate the entire task.

First we had to turn our single site install into a MultiSite network.

Finally we used our plugin to move the entire forum with a couple of clicks.

After moving it, the plugin is programmed to delete the forum from the original website, leaving you with nothing else to do.

You just have to wait for the plugin to perform the task (which can take up to few hours depending on the size of the forum and the speed of the server.)

We moved 66 Forums, 17,353 Topics and 97,371 Replies into a dedicated Support website and now our main website is over 50% faster.

If you have a similar problem, feel free to take advantage of Move bbPress Multisite plugin, we released it for free on the repository. 🙂

Download it here!

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