Today we released version 1.5.2 of GeoDirectory core plugin with several improvements and addition. See the changelog for detailed information.

We also updated several add-ons. Please remember that both Core and Add-ons should be kept up to date. If you update the core plugin you must update the add-ons too!

2 Add-ons have major improvements:

Prices and Payments

Completely rebuilt from ground up, it is now an extensible class that will make it much easier to add new payment gateways.

After updating, you will notice 2 new pages. GD Check Out and Manage Invoices. Now the add listing process includes a 3rd step.

1) Submit listing.
2) Preview listing.
3) Check out.

Very soon we will provide a tutorial to extend the class and create custom payment gateways via a plugin.

Claim Listings

The Claim Listings add-on now provides the option to force an upgrade to complete the claim listing procedure. This is the 1st new addition that was made possible by the new Prices and Payments add-on.

Please remember to open new topic to report any kind of problem in the correct support forum.

We hope you will enjoy this new releases!

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