Today we released V1.6.11 and you can find the change log here:

There is one breaking change that you have to pay particular attention too. We created a new very easy way to setup the Google Analytics API keys from within our dashboard, however this will break your old setup. For your visitors to see Google Analytics stats in the front end, you will need to re-create the API keys using the new system.


Given that the creation of the Google Analytics and Google Maps API keys are 2 of the most recurring problem for our users, we also added a system to easily create and use the Google Maps API key from within the WordPress dashboard.


We also rebuilt the Dummy Data system adding new industries. Today, it is also much easier for developers to create industry specific dummy data.


We also updated several add-ons and the themes too and we are pleased to announce that the Supreme Directory Child Theme is now officially released for free on too.

Please remember that both Core and Add-ons should be kept up to date. If you update the core plugin you must update the add-ons too!

Also remember to open new topic to report any kind of problem in the correct support forum.

We hope you enjoy these new releases!

The GeoDirectory Team

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