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Google Maps Platform New Pricing Model

Google Maps Platform, did you hear about it? Google announced today the launch of the Google Maps Platform. They described the new platform as: a simplified product structure, pay as you go pricing for all, and more Technically speaking, from a developers point of view there are no changes to how the Google Maps API […]

GeoDirectory V2 meets Ninja Forms

GeoDirectory V2 and Ninja Forms integration we decided to integrate GeoDirectory V2 with Ninja Forms, here’s why: While GeoDirectory V1 comes with a built in contact form, GeoDirectory V2 will not have one out of the box. We removed our contact form, because: It is limited. You can’t customize it easily. It doesn’t keep track […]

GeoDirectory Translation in 2018

Join the GeoDirectory translation team to translate GeoDirectory into 20+ languages in 2018! Read on to learn about how you can join our awesome language team that translates GeoDirectory using our cool new Translator’s Handbook. Calling All GeoDirectory #polyglots ! Hello, my name is Ismi Aini, and I do UX including translations. I’m here to […]

Refunds for digital products [2023 edition]

Dealing with refunds for digital products in 2022 Whether you are selling WordPress Themes, Plugins, or services, dealing with refunds for digital products is a very delicate matter. When someone requests a refund there is a possibility for either party to feel unsatisfied with the result. The vendor may feel the refund request is unjustified. […]

Road to V2, the New GeoDirectory Dashboard

It’s time for a new GeoDirectory Dashboard and this new GeoDirectory Dashboard will be integrated into the Core plugin, still completely free of charge. We already anticipated that the GeoDirectory back end UI will be completely redesigned and it will blend better with the original WP Dashboard design. You can see an example here: However […]

GeoDirectory V2 Goals and Development Plan

This is our 1st official post about GeoDirectory V2! WooHoo! 🙂 We have been working on GDv2 for a few months and it’s time to share a few of the details and goals, so users and developers can plan for the future. Why GeoDirectory V2? GeoDirectory V2 delivers Simplicity, Theme Compatibility, and a Modernized Codebase […]

WordPress User Profile Plugin | UsersWP

The WP plugin directory has been missing a lightweight WordPress User Profile plugin for too long. Popular user profile plugins are basically full-fledged social network apps. Some even include content restriction features that generally belong in a membership plugin. Don’t get me wrong, they are great, but they provide far too many options for anyone […]

WP Invoicing + GD Payments Manager V2

If you are upgrading from GD Payments Manager V1 to V2, you must carry out some additional steps. Our new free plugin WP Invoicing will now be required to take payment, and the GD payment manager will still handle the price packages and restrictions. ( You can find out more about WP Invoicing here: […]

WP Invoicing now called GetPaid

We are happy to announce WP Invoicing (now called GetPaid) is now live for its first public beta. In this post, you will learn all you need to know about this great new product! ( if you are upgrading to GD Payments Manager V2, please see here: What is WP Invoicing? Invoicing (WPI) is […]