Buying addons and support

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Buying addons and support  Downloading addons  Third party GD addons

Buying addons and support

Buying a GeoDirectory membership

If you buy a GD membership here then you get access to all GeoDirectory addons and themes listed on these pages, and any new ones we release while your membership is active.
If you decide not to continue your membership then you can continue to use the versions you have but you will not be entitled to paid support or updates of the addons.
You will still get support for the free GD core plugin available from WordPress.

Buying separate addons or themes

You can also buy addons or themes individually. Licenses for individual add-ons provide auto-updates for 1, 5 or unlimited websites depending on the option selected. We no longer sell licenses providing lifetime support and updates.

Downloading addons

  1. If you have a current GD membership or have bought individual addons or themes, you can download the ZIP files from
  2. In your download area, you will find a link to download the files, the licence key to activate the addon or theme, and the current version.
  3. Download the add-on from there and install it normally by uploading it via your WordPress admin, see Installing addons for more information.


Third party GD addons

There are some addons listed here that are by 3rd party developers, such as “GD Business Hours” and “GD Vouchers“. You will be buying these addons directly from those 3rd party developers, and they will provide you support directly. These addons and their support are not included in the GD membership.