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As explained here, the main directory pages created are the GD Home/location, Listings (archive or category) pages, the search page and detail pages.

Your website can be navigated using two different ways, browsing and searching. These terms are not interchangeable: browsing is not the same as searching, and searching is not the same as browsing.


Browsing is when a visitor or you follow the links as presented in menus, or on maps, or anywhere on a page, for example

  1. If your site uses the Location Manager, you can navigate locations by selecting a location from the location switcher in the menu:
  2. You can follow links from the Popular Categories widget:


Searching is when a visitor uses the GD Search to find one or more listings in your directory:

The basic GD Search function

Using the “Search for” field only

  1. GD will check the entry titles, description and taxonomies (tags and categories) of the listings.
  2. The results will be listed in order of relevance depending on the keyword(s) entered.
  3. For example, if you only search for “hotel, the results will be returned with listings that have hotel in the title first, etc:
    1. Search:
    2. Results:
  4. If a visitor clicks Search without adding any keywords, the results will be ordered based on the settings at GD > Place [or other CPT] Settings > Sorting Options tab.

Using the “Near” field only

  1. When you enter a location in the Near field, GD will calculate the center of that location.
  2. GD then will look for all listings within an area with a default that match the Search for criteria.
  3. Your default search area is set at GD > General > Search.
  4. The default GD search is not an IN search, but a search NEAR THE CENTER OF.
  5. For example, assuming your site has listings in New York, and you enter “World Trade Center” in the Near field, the results will return all listings in order of proximity to the World Trade Center:
    1. Search:

    2. Results:

Using both the “Search for” and the “Near” field

  1. When using both fields for searching, all relevant results will be returned in order of proximity:
    1. Search:
    2. Results:

Tips and tricks

Adding featured listings to the search page

  1. Because search results will always be ordered by relevance to the search criteria, any featured listings will be included in the search results using the same relevance to the visitors keywords used.
  2. But you can add a Popular Post widget, filtered for featured listings only in the top section or sidebar etc.

More information

The GD Search is explained in more detail here, and includes all the Advanced Search options etc.