Updating or changing franchises using CSV import


Maybe you already have a number of listings and you just installed the Franchise Manager Add-on, and you want to re-organize your listings, assigning some as main listings and some as franchises.

Or you want to add new listings to your directory using the CSV upload.

Or you just want to make some changes to some of your franchise listings.

Updating or changing franchises using CSV import

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the CSV import and export functionalities of GD.
  2. Activate the Franchise Manager Add-on if not done already.
  3. Make sure your main listings are added to your database already. If not, add them using your admin area or a CSV  import.
  4. Export your listings using the CSV export at GD > Import & Export.
  5. The table below shows an example of an exported CSV:
    post_idpost_titleignored columnsgd_is_franchisegd_franchise_lockfranchiseignored columns
     10Main1geodir_email, post_title 0
     11Chain0 0
     12Franchise10 10
    1. post_id: An exported file always has a post_id for each post.
    2. gd_is_franchise: 1 means this is a main listing.
    3. gd_franchise_lock: This are the locked custom fields.
    4. franchise: A number other than zero here means this is a franchise of a main listing, in this example Franchise1 is a franchise of the Main listing.
  6. Now let’s make a few changes:
    1. Add a new franchise to Main.
    2. Change Chain into a main listing, and do lock the video custom field.
    3. Make Franchise1 a franchise of Chain.
  7. This is the new CSV file to upload:
    post_idpost_titleignored columnsgd_is_franchisegd_franchise_lockfranchiseignored columns
     10Main1geodir_email, post_title 0
     11Chain1geodir_video 0
     12Franchise10 11
    Franchise20 10
    1. Leave the post_id of existing listings, so they will be overwritten when re-uploading.
    2. New listings should not have a post_id.
    3. Changing gd_is_franchise to 1 changes Chain into a main listing.
    4. Adding geodir_video to gd_franchise_lock for Chain means that all future franchises of Chain will show the same video custom field as the main listing.
    5. Changing franchise from 10 to 11 for Franchise1 now assigns Franchise1 as a franchise of Chain instead of Main.
    6. Franchise 2 is a new listing, so does not have post_id and is assigned as a franchise of the listing with post_id 10 (Main).
  8. Finally, re-upload the CSV file, and make sure to select Update listing if post with post_id already exists on the Import & Export page.