Translating Custom Post Types

Translating Custom Post Types names

  1. If you only want to translate your CPT names (like Place and Places), follow the instructions here. Only the Multilingual Blog plugin is required then.
  2. But if you also want to translate the CPT slugs, you will need to keep reading below.

Translating Custom Post Types slugs

  1. Translate your CPT names (like Place and Places) as explained above.
  2. To translate your CPT slugs (like /places/ or /events/ etc), you will need WPML’s String Translation plugin, and the Translation Management plugin which are part of the Multilingual CMS plugin.
  3. Once the String Translation and Translation Management plugins are activated, go to WPML > Translation Management, and select the Multilingual Content Setup tab. and then select Custom posts slug translation options:

  4. Select and save Translate custom posts slugs (via WPML String Translation):

  5. Now scroll down the page to Custom posts, and select the CPTs to translate and add your translations before saving: