Translating GD Listings in a multilingual site

How do you add a listing in more than one language on your WPML – GeoDirectory site?

Let’s say we want to add an English and a Dutch version of the same listing. These are the steps required:

  1. Add the listing the normal way, yourself or user submission.
  2. Once that is done, login as administrator and navigate to the new listing in the backend.
  3. Once there, click the + sign to add a translation of the listing:
  4. This will open a new listing, and once there, click Overwrite with English content:
  5. Save the Dutch version of the listing. You will now have a listing with two language versions:
  6. Translate the Dutch version as required, or if this was a user submitted listing, notify your user, who now can log in to the Dutch version of your site, and will find his listing in his dashboard, ready for translation:
  7. Now your visitors will be able to switch languages for the listing while looking at the detail page.

Adding two different listings from the frontend will not link them together, even if using the same address. You need to create the listing in the other language in the backend for them to stay connected.