Useful plugins

Here you can find a list of plugins we think might be useful to you if you are looking to extend your GD site. There are plenty of other plugins about, but we know the ones listed here all work without any conflict with GD.

  1. Autoptimize
  2. Better Search Replace
  3. Code Snippets
  4. Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades
  5. Report Content
  6. Widget Logic
  7. Yoast SEO Free
  8. WP Super Cache
  9. WPML
  10. Email


  1. Autoptimize is a popular html optimization plugin for WordPress and is now compatible with GeoDirectory.
  2. For Autoptimize and GeoDirectory to work together properly there are a few settings you must enable.
  3. Please keep reading here for details of those settings.
  4. GD Booster can not be used with this plugin, we recommend using WP Super Cache to compliment Autoptimize.

Better Search Replace

  1. Better Search Replace will assist with changing URLs or slugs etc in your database.
  2. It is also very helpful when changing your site from HTTP to HTTPS.
  3. Read more here 

Code Snippets

  1. The Code Snippets plugin is an easy, clean and simple way to add code snippets to your site. It removes the need to add custom snippets to your theme’s functions.php file.
  2. It also allows you to update the files of a (child) theme without losing any customizations, because they are stored in the database instead of in your theme files.
  3. After installtion visit our ‘Tips and Tricks‘ page for snippets.
  4. Screenshot of an example snippet:
  5. Make sure you activate the snippet when using the Code Snippets plugin.
  6. To copy and paste any code from snippets in the GeoDIrectory documentation, hover over the right hand corner of the snippet and select view source:

Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

  1. WordPress has a built-in feature to install themes and plugins by supplying a zip file. Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade a theme or plugin using the same process. Instead, WordPress will say “destination already exists” when trying to upgrade using a zip file and will fail to upgrade the theme or plugin.
  2. Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades fixes this limitation in WordPress by automatically upgrading the GeoDirectory theme or plugin if it already exists.

Report Content

  1. This plugin allows you to add a simple Ajax powered form to your listings so that your visitors can report inappropriate content, broken links and bugs.
  2. To make it work with your GD listings:
    1. Install and activate the Report Content plugin the usual way.
    2. Once installed select Reports > Settings from your WordPress admin menu, and under Integration Settings, set Add the report form to Manual:
    3. To add the Report form to your GD Detail pages, add this code to your child theme’s functions.php file, or use the Code Snippets plugin:

      [php]add_action(‘geodir_details_main_content’, ‘wprc_report_submission_form’,60);[/php]

  3. And this is how it should all look:

Widget Logic

  1. The Widget Logic plugin lets you control on which pages widgets appear using WP’s conditional tags.
  2. This example will show the dashboard widget only to users that are logged in:
  3. Some GD specific codes to use:
    1. Only shows the widget if the post type is Places:


      for a single GD Place detail page

      [php]is_singular( ‘gd_place’ )[/php]

      for a GD Place Archive Page


    2. Will show the widget if the location is Queensland:

      [php]strtolower(geodir_get_current_location(array(‘echo’ => false)))==strtolower(‘queensland’)[/php]

    3. Will show the widget if the page is a Custom Post Type page for Places, ie not for a category, AND if the location is Queensland:

      [php]geodir_is_page(‘pt’) && get_query_var( ‘post_type’ )==’gd_place’ && strtolower(geodir_get_current_location(array(‘echo’ => false)))==strtolower(‘queensland’)[/php]

    4. Will show the widget if the location has the slug el-dorado-hills in the URL:

      [php]in_array(‘el-dorado-hills’, geodir_get_current_location_terms(‘query_vars’))[/php]

  4. You can find all the Conditional tags here.
  5. If the code does not work as expected, the first thing to check is that you are using straight quotes instead of curly quotes; this can happen when copying and pasting code.

Yoast SEO

    1. The Yoast SEO helps you write bettercontent with previews and page analaysis.
    2. Search the forums for hundreds of tips on how to use this plugin to improve your rankings.
    3. Yoast SEO is the best and only plugin that can be used for creating sitemaps (sitemap.xml) when the Location Manager Add On is active.

Yoast SEO by Team Yoast

WP Super Cache

  1. WP Super Cache is a very popular caching plugin for WordPress and is now compatible with GeoDirectory.
  2. For WP Super Cache and GeoDirectory to work together properly there are a few settings you must enable.
  3. Under Settings > WP Super Cache > Advanced make sure to set the following settings:
    1. Enable: Don’t cache pages for known users.
    2. Enable: Don’t cache pages with GET parameters. (?x=y at the end of a url)
  4. GD Booster can not be used with this plugin, we recommend using Autoptimize to compliment WP Super Cache


WPML makes it easy to create a multilingual GeoDirectory site. All that is required is the Multilingual Blog plugin itself. Once installed check the following settings:

  1. WPML > Languages > Language URL format: select Different languages in directories (examples:, etc)
  2. WPML > Translation Options > Custom Posts: select your Custom Post types, like Places and Events.
    (This option will not show if you have the WPML Translation Management plugin active – in that case, go here)
  3. If you want to translate Custom Post Type slugs as well, you need the Multilingual CMS plugin.

Review GD translation documentation

Default Featured Image

Have you ever wanted to create a slideshow with another plugin, but, found that the Listing Featured Images didn’t appear as expected? This plugin will ‘tick’ an additional option for the listing featured image so that the featured image, the first image for you listing, can be used in other ways and by other plugins on your site.

  1. Use a Default Featured Image with other third party plugins to create slideshows or other displays.
  2. GeoDirectory has you covered for GD specific lists, but you can use this plugin when you need a solution to work with other plugins.
  3. Get Default Featured Image on

Anti-Spam on Registration

We have two recommendations for keeping unwanted Spammers from registering on your site.

  1. Paid plugin –
  2. Free plugin – Stop Spammer Registrations –

Email Log

Wondering why you aren’t receiving email from your site?

  1. Email Log
  2. Log each email that is created by the site, and verify if it is sent out or not.