GeoDirectory definitions

You will find a lot of terms and abbreviation throughout the documentation and the admin area of GeoDirectory, and the meaning of some of them might not directly be clear. The table below might help you find what you’re looking for.

AddonExtra plugin giving your GeoDirectory website advanced capabilities
BackendThe administration area of your website, usually only accessible to the administrators of your site
CoreGeoDirectory main plugin
CTPCustom Post Types
Default locationA default location is essentially the first location (see below) required to be entered into the system, and follows the Google Maps API.
Detail pageThe detail template is used to display all the detail of each of your listings.
GDFGeoDirectory Framework (theme)
GD pageA page on your website based on a GD template
FrontendThe public part of your website, where users can add their listings and visitors can browse the site
InfoWindowAn InfoWindow displays content (address and an image) in a popup window on the maps, at a given location. The info window  attached to a specified location on the map.
Sometimes also called a bubble or a map pop-up.
Listings pageThis is the template that will display a list of all listings in a particular category or custom post type, and will show different listings depending on location and category requested.
LocationRefers to cities (towns or villages etc), regions (states or provinces etc) and countries
For every location in your database there will be a separate page created automatically
These locations are based on the Google Maps API, and the size of cities (towns, suburbs or villages etc depending on the country) can vary greatly from country to country.
Your locations need to be therefore always city > region > country, exactly like Google suggests when you add a listing from the frontend.
For example Los Angeles > California > Unites States [not LA > CA > US].
If your site is not in English, change the map language before checking location format on your Add Listing page.
Non-GD pageA page on your website created without using a GD template, for example a normal WordPress page, or a BuddyPress page etc
PlacesPlaces is the default name for the default Custom Posts created by the basic GD plugin.
Places does not refer to locations like cities etc, but refers to businesses etc
UsersPeople that have registered a user account on your WordPress website
VisitorsPeople that are visiting your website but do not have a user account on your WordPress website, or are not logged in
WPYou guessed it: WordPress