Location Manager Addon – Widgets

This page is a work in progress …

When you install the Location Manager Addon, you’ll find a number of new GD widgets in the appearance section of your WP admin area.

Widget nameCan be used on these pages:
HomeListingsSearchDetailAuthorNon-GD pages
GD > Location Descriptionyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Popular Locationyesyesyesyesyesyes

GD > Location Description

  1. For each location (city or town), you can add custom content for both the meta description and on-page content.
  2. Navigate to GeoDirectory > Multilocations > Manage Location and filter for the location.
  3. Then choose edit:
  4. Towards the bottom of the editing page, you will find City Meta and City Description fields.
    Enter your data (you can use HTML in the City Description field):
  5. The City Meta data will now be added to the source of the relevant location page:
  6. To add the City Description to the page, add the GD > Location Description widget to any widget area of the Home (Location) sections.
    You can use %location% in the title, that will adjust to the location name:
  7. This is how it will show on the location page (The widget will only show on location pages that have custom data added):
  8. For regions and countries, you will find the Meta Description and Location Description fields at the SEO Settings tab:

GD > Popular Location

  1. This widget will add a list of links to locations on your pages.
  2. Look in the sidebar of this demo page for an example.


  1. Title: Leave blank if you do not want a heading
  2. Number of locations: By default all locations will be displayed, unless you add a number here.
  3. Pagination:
  4. Don’t filter for current location: by default, the widget will only display links to locations within the selected country or region. Ticking this option will display popular locations outside the selected country or region too.