Social Importer Addon

IMPORTANT: Facebook requires that all apps be submitted to Facebook for review (link). Facebook review is very slow, and so far we are not aware of any Social Importer apps having received approval for the permissions required.
See this forum topic for more information.

Installation & Translation
Facebook Setup Update March 2018 Posting to FB
Yelp Setup


The Social Importer Addon allows your listing owners to import their business or event information from Facebook, or their business information from Yelp. Users who visit your site’s frontend Add-Listing page can enter the URL in the dedicated field and then click Import to bring their details into the form. Once your GD site is connected to your FB app, you can also choose a FB page where new GD listings will be posted.

Once set up, an extra field will be added to the Add listing forms:


  • Adding the Social Importer Addon to your site is done in the usual way, see Installing Addons.
  • “Social Importer” will be added to your GD menu once the Addon is activated

Setup Facebook


  1. Login to your Facebook developer account.
  2. Go to My Apps > Add a New App
  3. On the next screen, add a Display Name and your email, and then click Create App ID:
  4. Next select Facebook Login ( earlier app versions automatically added Facebook Login, so it may already be set up as per image in step 10):
  5. Choose Website:
  6. On the next screen, all you have to enter is your site URL, exactly as it is at WP Settings > General > WordPress Address (URL):
  7. Under Settings > Basic, enter your website domain (not URL or web address), example:

  8. Click Save Changes.
  9. Go to Products > Facebook Login (if it is not listed then add it under products):
  10. You need to enter your OAuth redirect URI, which you can find at GD > Social Importer > Facebook > OAuth redirect URI:
    The exact URL should be in the format:
  11. You may already have other URIs there and this URI should be in addition, make sure you get the URI exactly right, if you use www. and your site does not use it then it will fail.
  12. Make sure on that page that Web OAuth Login is set to Yes:
  13. Open your website in another tab or window and navigate to GeoDirectory > Social Importer > Facebook.
  14. Copy and paste the Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret from Facebook to your site.
  15. Save first and then click Connect Your App.
  16. This will open a window like this, ignore everything, and just click Continue:
  17. In the next screen, again ignore everything and click OK:
  18. In the next screen, again ignore everything and click OK:
  19. Once finished, your Facebook settings should look like this:
  20. Now click Save changes.
  21. That should connect the Facebook app and your site, and you should see the expiry date of your token:

Facebook App settings March 2018

FB APP Basic Settings

FB APP Advanced Settings

FB APP – FB LOGIN Settings

Posting GeoDirectory listings to your Facebook page

Once your GD site is connected to your FB app, a list of pages you manage will be available for the Post to page settings.

Select the Facebook Page where new GD listings will be posted and Save.

Yelp Setup

  1. Create a Yelp account and then login to your Yelp developer account and select Yelp Fusion.
  2. Then click on Manage App and you will get the Create New App screen:
  3. After filling in the form, click on Create New App and your Client ID will be ready:
  4. Enter the details at GD > Social Importer > Yelp tab > App ID:
  5. Click Save Changes.