GeoDirectory Core Widgets

When you install the GeoDirectory plugin, you’ll find a number of new GD widgets in the appearance section of your WP admin area.

Widget nameCan be used on these pages:
HomeListingsSearchDetailAuthorNon-GD pages
GD Core widgets
GD > Advertiseyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Best of widgetyesyesyesyesyes
GD > CPT Categoriesyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > CPT Listingsyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Featuresyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Flickr Photosyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > GMap Home pageyesyes
GD > GMap Listing pageyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Listing Slideryesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Loginboxyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Popular Post Categoryyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Popular Post Viewyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Recent Reviewsyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Related Listingyesyes
GD > Searchyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Social Likeyesyesyesyesyesyes
GD > Twitteryesyesyesyesyesyes
Events addon only widgets
GD > Related Events Listingyes
Location Manager addon only widgets
GD > Popular Locationyesyesyesyes

GD > Advertise widget

  1. This widget can be added to any section of a GD page or a non-GD page.
  2. You could use this widget for example to add your AdSense code to the pages and sections of your choice.
  3. You can also use this widget for any other text or code you’d like to add to your pages.

GD > Best of widget

  1. This widget can be added to a certain section of a GD page or a non-GD page.
  2. This widget will create tabs that display a certain amount of listings, according to the categories.
  3. Choose the number posts and categories to display.
  4. Limit your excerpt character count.
  5. Choose tab layout type.
  6. Choose excerpt type.
  7. Enable location filter.

Note : Listings would be sorted by ratings and if there are no ratings on the listings, it would be sorted randomly.


GD > CPT Categories widget

  1. This widget will add a list of categories to your pages:
  2. This widget can also be added using the [gd_cpt_categories] shortcode.


  1. Title: Enter any title – if left blank, then there will be no title
  2. Select CPT: Select all CPTs, or select one or more by CTRL + click
  3. Hide empty categories: Tick this to hide links to categories without any listings
  4. Show category count: This will show the number of listings in the linked category 
  5. Hide category icon: Tick this to only use text for the link to the categories
  6. Show CPT on same line: By default category blocks for CPTs will be placed below each other, but if you tick this option, they will be shown next to each other.
    1. Example of CPT category blocks next to each other
    2. Example of default setting (look in sidebar)
  7. Sort by: Choose alphabetic or most popular (categories with most listings first)
  8. Max number of sub-categories: If you have sub-categories, select the maximum number of sub-categories that will be listed
  9. Show max sub-categories depth: If you use sub-categories and sub-sub-categories, you can select to what level of sub-category you want to link
  10. Don’t filter for current viewing post type: By default, the CPT Categories widget only shows links to the categories of the current CPT, so tick this if you always want the widget to show all CPTs
  11. Don’t filter for current viewing category:

GD > CPT Listing widget

  1. This widget will list the CPT images with links.
  2. Navigate to GD > Custom Post Types > Edit(CPT) > Post Type > Upload Default Image

GD > Features

  1. This widget can be added to any section of a GD page or a non-GD page.
  2. This widget will allow you to create blocks that displays an icon, title and description.


GD >  Flickr Photos widget

  1. Designed to be used in a sidebar of any of your pages, but can also be used anywhere else on your site.
  2. You will need the Flickr ID number for the Flickr user or group whose images you want to use: just follow the link in the widget and follow the instructions there.
  3. Choose the number of images you want to display.

GD > GMap – Home Page

This will show you google map V3 for Home page with category checkbox selection.


GD > GMap Listing page

This widget can be added to any section of a GD page except the GD Home template.

A map will be added where you added the widget, and will automatically be populated by relevant listings:

Listings page:filtered by the location, custom post type and category the visitor has browsed to
Search page:depending on the search performed
Detail page:only adds the location of the particular listing
Author page:filtered by listings submitted or claimed by the user, or by listings added by the user as favorites


Map Width:Enter a width as a percentage or pixels, for example
if you add the widget to a content section, enter 100%, and
if you add the widget to a sidebar, enter the required width in pixels, for example 298
Map Height:Enter a height in pixels, or leave blank for the default height
Map Zoom Level:Choose a map zoom level:
1 will show the whole world and 19 will zoom in as far as possible
Note 1: This setting is overwritten if you use Auto Zoom
Note 2: It is recommended to use a zoom level of about 10 if you use the widget on a Detail page
Map Auto Zoom:If you tick this box, then the map will automatically zoom to a level that shows all listings
Note: Not recommended if yo use the widget on a Detail page
Map Sticky:If you use the widget in a sidebar, this setting will make sure that the map stays visible even if a visitor browses lower than the map.
This is handy on a Listings or Search page, because it allows visitors to pinpoint the location of a listing even when there are lots of listings shown on the one page.
Mouse Scroll:Allows visitors to use their mouse to zoom in or out, rather than being restricted by the map control

GD > Listing Slider

This widget will add a slider of selected listings to any of your GD pages, and can also be used on any non-GD page.
You can only use one Listing Slider per page!
This widget is designed to be used in content sections or full-width sections, it does not work well in sidebars or columns with limited width.
Only listings with images will be shown.

GD > Login Box

This widget will add a login box to any of your GD pages, and can also be used on any non-GD page.
This is how it would look like.

GD > Popular Post Category widget

Popular Post Category

GD > Popular Post View widget

This widget can be used in Content and Sidebar sections, as well as non-GD pages.

You can also add this widget using a shortcode.


Most of the settings are straight forward, but note the following:

Title:This will be used for the heading of the widget.
You can use %posttype_singular_label% or %posttype_plural_label% here.
This is especially useful if you also use the Use current viewing post type setting (see below); in that case the heading will adapt to the post name of your Custom Post Type a visitor is viewing.
For example New %posttype_plural_label% would show as New Places on any Place category page, and as New Events on any Event category page.
Listing width:Although this normally can be left empty, this setting allows you to tweak the automatic width of the listing.
For example, if you choose a Two Column Grid View, your listings will be 50% wide.
Entering 48 into this field will adjust the width if necessary to 48%.
Note: Do not enter % as part of this setting, that will confuse some browsers.
Post Content excerpt character count:Set this to the number of characters you want to show as part of the listing.
Note: By default, excerpts will only be shown for List View and Two Column Grid View. But excerpts can be shown for all Grid Views by adding this to your CSS:
.geodir_category_list_view li.geodir-gridview .geodir-content .geodir-entry-content {display: inline;}
Enable Location Filter:If you tick this box, then any listings shown will be filtered by the location chosen by your visitors.
Use current viewing post type:If you choose this setting, then the listings displayed will be from the same Custom Post Type as the page the visitor is viewing.
See also the Title setting above.
Note: This setting only applies if you add the widget to the GD Listings page.
Hide if no posts:This setting will hide the widget completely if there are no listings returned for your parameters.
So instead of saying that no records are found, the widget will just not be displayed.

This widget is automatically added to your GD Search page and the GD Listings pages. Review how to adjust the display of these pages here.

GD > Recent Reviews

This widget will add a Recent Review section to any of your GD pages, and can also be used on any non-GD page.
You can limit the number of reviews to display by inserting a value inside the widget options
This is how it would look like.


GD > Related Listing

GD > Social Like

  1. This widget has no settings and can be added to any page of your website.
  2. It will allow your visitors to share the page on their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ pages.
  3. This is how the widget looks like:

GD > Search

  1. This widget can be added to any page of your website.
  2. You can also add this widget using a shortcode.
  3. There are no settings unless you have the Advanced Search addon activated. The following options can then be selected:
    1. Default: Custom search options will become available when your visitors click on the Customize Search button
    2. Open when searched: This setting will show the custom search open when your visitors access your GD Search page, but not on other pages
    3. Always open: the advanced search options will be available without your visitors having to click on the Customize Search button
  4. To better understand the GD Search, review this documentation:
    1. Understanding navigation, searching and browsing …
    2. The GD Search explained

GD > Twitter

  1. With this widget you can embed a variety of Twitter feeds or widgets on your website.
  2. In your Twitter account, go to Settings > Widgets and create a widget or copy one of the codes.
  3. Paste the code in the GD > Twitter widget.

GD > Related Events Listing


This Events widget is specifically for the detail pages of your listings, and will show the events that have been submitted for a particular place.

The widget will only work on the default custom post type Places; it will not show on any other custom post type detail pages.

Most of the settings are self-explaining, and are the same as some of the settings of the Popular Post View widget, with one main difference:

Enable Location Filter:You can show events at a listing automatically on the detail page of that listing if you have both the Prices Manager Addon and Events Addon enabled. Just follow these steps:

  1. In the Prices and Payment settings, set Link business to Yes in the Events pricing.
  2. Add the Related Events Listing widget to the detail page, and enable the Location Filter
  3. Now if the same user adds an event and chooses one of the listings from the Fill in Business Details menu, that event will automatically be listed on the detail page for the listing.