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  • Claim Listings FAQs

  • Social Importer Addon

    The Social Importer Addon allows your users to import their business or event details from Facebook by simply entering the Facebook page or event URL in the dedicated field of the Add listing form.

  • Location Manager Shortcodes

    Location Tab Switcher Location Switcher Current Location Name Location Description Location Neighbourhoods Popular Locations Popular in Neighbourhood Location Tab Switcher … Read more →

  • How to use GD without street addresses?

    From version of the GeoDirectory core plugin and version 1.1.6 of the Custom Post Type addon, you can use listing … Read more →

  • Translating countries and map directions

    On this page: Changing the map language and directions Translating country names  More information Translating regions or cities Changing the map language … Read more →

  • Events Addon – Overview

    With this plugin you can let users add their events to your site. Events are ordered by upcoming date by default. Users can enter recurring dates for their events instead of having to create lots of separate events. As this is also a custom post type you have the usual ability to add custom fields and sort options.

  • Event Manager Shortcodes

    On this page: Event Listings – Event Calendar – Related Events Event Listings Shortcode: [gd_event_listing] Parameters: category – ID number of … Read more →

  • Events Addon – Widgets

    This page is a work in progress, please visit the forum if you need extra help in the meantime. Introduction … Read more →

  • Custom Maps Addon

    Custom Google Maps for GeoDirectory allows you to modify the look and feel of all Google Maps Widgets through an easy user interface with color pickers and simple to use options. This way you can make the maps of your website look totally personalized and unique.

  • BuddyPress Compliments – Overview

    Introduction BuddyPress Compliments is a buddypress addon created by GeoDirectory. BuddyPress members can compliment each other using this plugin. Note: … Read more →